What to Expect

What to Expect

What should I wear?

There is no dress code of any kind at Divine Mercy.  Those who attend worship can be seen in a wide range of clothing; from suit and tie to shorts and a t-shirt. The important thing is that we are here together to hear God’s Word, regardless of what we wear.

Do I just walk in and find a seat?

When you walk into Divine Mercy you usually will be greeted by our pastor.  We have wonderful members who are excited to have you join us, so they may welcome you as well. Once the service is ready to begin, make certain to grab a worship folder and find any open seat. If you need help or have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

How long is Worship?

We do not have a time limit on our service, however, the typical service is around an hour or just under.

Is there anything before or after the service?

At 9:30am we have an adult Bible study while the kids are in Sunday school. During this time we usually have some sort of snacks and coffee to help us get going in the morning. Following the service many people hang around to chat, maybe grab another cup of coffee, and take time to visit with the pastor. However, sometimes people need to get going right after the service, and that is common too.

I just don’t like to go to new places alone.

Visiting a new church can seem overwhelming and a bit scary; the best advice we can give is to come with a friend.  If you know a member of our congregation plan to arrive with them and sit next to them during the service.  If you do not know a member, just bring a friend along so you feel more comfortable.  Hopefully, you will enjoy your visit and keep coming to worship with us; that way we will get to know you and you will find a congregation full of friends to sit with at church.